Local contractor accused of taking tens of thousands of dollars, not finishing work

WEST DEER, Pa. — Every time one West Deer family looks at the outside of their house, they say they get upset. They say they are out tens of thousands of dollars because the contractor they hired never finished the work.

Turns out, they’re not the only family dealing with this right now.

“I just don’t know how he could do this to people,” said Rachel Lasher. “It’s just really a shame.”

Rachel and Corey Lasher are out more than $30,000. They hired Austin Reges of Triple B Landscape and Constructions after finding his company on Facebook. Rachel says they started the work last summer but would only show up one or two days a week for a few hours.

“Every excuse he could give, he gave,” said Rachel.

Some days, Rachel says no one showed up.

“He had Covid,” said Rachel. “There were three separate times he said his truck wasn’t working. His girlfriend’s uncle died.”

Reges is now facing five home improvement-related charges tied to two different families. The other family lives in Richland Township. According to the criminal complaint, they paid Reges a $6,500 deposit for some deck work and never heard from him after that.

“We’re the second people with criminal charges,” said Rachel. “He’s done it to many others.”

In one previous civil case, a judge entered a judgment against Reges for $12,000.

Channel 11 reached out to Reges. Less than 20 minutes after that call, his company’s Facebook page changed to “Permanently closed.”

“I just hope other people see this, and we can get justice for other people too,” said Corey.

“It’s been very emotional,” said Rachel. “I’m at home, and he’s the only one working right now. And I’m home with the three kids. So what he did to us is not fair.”

Reges is scheduled to be in court on April 26. The Lashers say they’ll be there.

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