Local groups discuss consequences, values during monthly peace meeting

PITTSBURGH — The Pittsburgh Coalition Against Violence, in conjunction with the Black Political Empowerment Project, held their monthly peace coalition session.

The room at the Boys and Girls Club in East Liberty was packed with parents, young kids, local youth coaches, leaders and mentors.  Wednesday night, the group tackled some really tough topics, including:

-Youth and violence prevention

-Importance of youth mentorship

-Getting involved in sports

-Making smart decisions

-Loving our children

There was also discussion about the importance of consequences for bad behavior among our kids and teens, as well as respect so our kids know they’re loved and valued.

We talked to a man who says he’s witnessed so much violence in his lifetime, especially against young black men. He says so much of this comes down to a lack of values, deep-rooted anger and a lack of respect among the younger generation. He says creating healthier communities.

BPEP also highlighted the Importance of getting involved in all election and choosing leaders who align with your values.

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