Long lines at Pittsburgh International Airport cause travelers to miss flights

PITTSBURGH — Travelers were stuck in hours-long lines at times at the Pittsburgh International Airport on Monday, and some even missed their flights because of the wait.

Several frustrated passengers reached out to Channel 11 saying that they waited in the TSA line for more than two hours Monday morning.

“I would have missed my flight too. That’s very frustrating,” said Jeff Wetzler.

Viewers sent Channel 11 photos showing the long lines for security around 5 a.m.

“When it gets way past the hotel. You’re doomed unless you are here a few hours early,” said Jake Hettzer.

Many people missed their flight, including a couple heading to their honeymoon. Some folks had to rent cars to get to their destination.

Channel 11 reached out to the airport. Officials said the alternate checkpoint was open and the longest wait time was around 90 minutes.

They are aware that this busy summer travel season has resulted in longer TSA security lines nationwide and are working to streamline the security process.

In the meantime, airport officials suggest anyone traveling between 5 a.m. and 8 a.m. to arrive two and a half to three hours before their flight.

However, some passengers think that’s ridiculous.

“They usually tell you two hours and that’s usually enough. I understand the new terminal is supposed to remedy some of that and I hope they are right,” Wetzler said.

Airport officials also said they are experiencing a record-breaking number of people traveling this summer. Last month, was the busiest May in 17 years. TSA on Monday said it expects to screen more than 32 million people around the July 4th holiday.

Airport officials said the new terminal opening next year will have an expanded security checkpoint that will improve wait times.

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