Man accused of opening fire on car outside McKnight Road Target claims he shot in self-defense

ALLEGHENY COUNTY, Pa. — The man accused of opening fire outside Target along McKnight Road in October says he started shooting in self-defense.

Channel 11 had the only reporter in court on Wednesday, and the defense says their client wasn’t the first person to pull a gun.

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The alleged gunman’s attorney is claiming it was self-defense when police say he shot up a car full of people. Channel 11 also spoke with Kenneth Sharp-Haymon’s current girlfriend, Kaliyah Kelly, who was there that night.

“Kenneth Haymon is not a bad person and I can’t wait until he gets out,” Kelly said.

Ross Township police say Sharp-Haymon can be seen on surveillance video getting out of his car, walking up to another car, and then firing 11 shots at the car with five people inside, including his ex-girlfriend. Six shots hit the car and luckily no one was shot. Two bullets also hit the front of the store.

His attorney Fred Raber says someone else pulled out a gun and Sharp-Haymon was defending himself.

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“Five people came from New Kensington to Ross Township with guns to fight a 19-year-old mother and when they pulled a gun, things went sideways,” Rabner said.

Sharp-Haymon’s ex-girlfriend testified that no one else had a gun and police say you can’t tell from the surveillance footage.

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Before the shooting, Sharp-Haymon’s attorney says his ex-girlfriend and current girlfriend were messaging each other, threatening to fight one another and meet outside Target.

His attorney tried to get the criminal attempted homicide charges dropped in today’s preliminary hearing.

“There is no malicious intent to kill anyone here, criminal attempt homicide charges should be dropped,” Rabner said.

The judge held all charges for court. Sharp-Haymon remains in the Allegheny County Jail. His formal arraignment is set for January.

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