• Homeowners cited for debris on their properties from landslide


    PITTSBURGH - It’s been less than two months since a handful of neighbors were forced out of their Spring Hill homes because of a landslide. 

    Now, they said, they are dealing with citations and court summons because of debris that’s still on their property from the landslide.

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    11 Investigates contacted the city about this and they said the citation language is required by law, but the city said the homeowners don't have to worry because it won't take legal action against them.

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    They said they issue non-binding citations to protect taxpayers because this will help the city get reimbursed for any work done.

    But Homeowners 11 Investigates spoke to said they still have to pay a $50 court fee and go to court.


    "It's ridiculous she has to send money in, we have to spend a day going to court," said Susan Shaginaw, daughter of one of the homeowners.

    Bernice Strahler said she and her late husband received citations. She showed Channel 11 the mess the landslide left behind, and fears it will only get worse.

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    "There are people worse off than me, but this happens to be my battle right now and I just don't know what to do next," said Strahler.



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