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John Chapman's first wife says he was involved with several women during their marriage

LINCOLN COUNTY, Nev. — John Chapman, the man who allegedly confessed to murdering a Bethel Park woman and leaving her body in a desert near Las Vegas, had a very complicated love life.

Channel 11's Amy Hudak went to the chapel in Vegas where Chapman, 39, married his first wife. She later learned he was dating Jaime Feden, 33, and other women the whole time that they were married.

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In 2010, Kelly Murray started her life with Chapman a year after they met online. She said she vividly remembers that he told her he had never been married before her, but now she claims that marriage was nothing but a lie.

Chapman was dating Feden and multiple other women he liked to bring home. Murray told Channel 11 their marriage was volatile, and it dissolved the day the IRS knocked on her door.

"The IRS questioned me. They asked if I ever took the Bar exam," Murray said. "I said I didn't even go to law school."

Timeline of Bethel Park woman's disappearance, man's alleged confession of her murder

Murray said Chapman fabricated his tax records to say she was a high-powered lawyer. Then there was the debit card copier Murray said he used to steal identities.

The Department of Justice said Chapman stole over $100,000 from 26 people. He pleaded guilty in 2014, and Murray said she left him when he went to federal prison in New Jersey.

Police said Chapman confessed to driving Feden to Las Vegas sometime around Sept. 25, suffocating her and leaving her to die.

Police in Las Vegas found a body in October, but were not able to identify it as Feden until Nov. 21. Chapman has not been charged with Feden's murder.

The FBI is now questioning Chapman's current wife, Maureen Chapman, and ex-wife Kelly Murray to paint a picture of who he is.

Lincoln County Sheriff Kerry Lee told Channel 11 he "wouldn't be surprised" if Chapman seriously hurt or swindled other women as well.

Investigators from Nevada come to Bethel Park the next day to meet with local detectives as they work on a final timeline that can be presented to the Lincoln County District Attorney, who will ultimately decide whether to charge Chapman with homicide in the case.

"Even though I thought I knew exactly what had happened, my eyes have been opened to a lot more of what actually did take place," says Mike Ray, Lincoln County Deputy Sheriff.

Detectives still cannot place a timeline on when the DA's office will make a decision on more charges.