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Special prosecutor being considered for Antwon Rose case

Attorney Milton Raiford has offered to suspend his practice and join the Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen Zappala as a special prosecutor in the Antwon Rose shooting case.

“I said, ‘Mr. Zappala, I don't believe the people not only need an arrest, they need a conviction, and I know how the courthouse works.  You know how the courthouse works and I think I'm your guy to get that conviction,” Raiford said.

Rose, 17, was fatally shot by East Pittsburgh Police Officer Michael Rosfeld last month while fleeing a traffic stop. Rosfeld has been charged with criminal homicide in the case.


“This young boy, I know his father very well,” Raiford said. “I know the people involved in the incident very well. Some of the kids involved were children who had come to my youth group.”

District Attorney Stephen Zappala released this statement:

"Milt is someone I like and respect. His practice has involved some of the most serious crimes. His offer will be given thoughtful consideration."

Raiford, who was born and raised in Homewood, told Channel 11 he brings a different perspective to the prosecution team.

“They're entitled to a quick, vociferous, aggressive prosecution of this police officer. That’s what Antwon Rose's family is entitled to. Not a compromise, not a delay, not an explanation, not something watered down to protect the actions of this police officer.

“I'm not saying I'm superior to your trial team. I asked (Zappala) to make me a part of the team. I'm not saying I'm all that, I'm just saying, as a black man who's a father who's been in law for a long period of time, I want to be in the room where it happens,” Raiford said.