1 man dead, 2 others injured in separate Uniontown shootings

UNIONTOWN, Pa. — A man is dead and two others are recovering after two shootings Tuesday afternoon in Uniontown.

Uniontown police are leading the investigation into the initial, deadly shooting and Pennsylvania State Police are taking the lead on the second shooting.

Investigators believe it’s too early to know whether they’re connected, or if the timing is simply coincidental.

Neighbors like Vanessa Osler are still digesting the violent afternoon.

“I was shaking and I was scared,” she said.

District Attorney Michael Auble says the two shootings unfolded within 90 minutes and half a mile apart.

The first, he said, started with an argument outside a home on Dunlap Street just after 2 p.m.

According to Auble, Joshua Stevens, 33, was shot and killed.

“He attacked the defendant with a knife and apparently the defendant shot him and he fled the scene afterwards. He’s still at large at this time,” Auble said.

While Uniontown investigators and the DA were on scene, around 3:30, p.m. they heard more gunshots ring out just a few streets over near the corner of Varndell and Liberty Streets.

Auble said two people fired more than a dozen shots at this black sedan, shattering multiple windows.

“The passenger was shot in the hip area. It appears that the driver had shrapnel wounds to the face,” Auble said.

According to Auble, the car began driving toward the crime scene on Dunlap Street.

Officers jumped in to help the two injured young men.

One was flown to Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown by helicopter, the other went by ambulance.

Both are expected to survive, Auble said.

“They pulled them out of the car and was laying them on the ground and then like not even a minute later the ambulance was down there,” Osler described.

Osler saw the response to the second shooting and lives near both crime scenes.

She’s rattled by the violence.

“[I’m] scared. [I’m] totally scared. Scared for other kids that are around here, innocent people. I didn’t know what it was about or whatever. I didn’t care what it was about, people were getting shot. That’s the point. It’s lives in turmoil and lives lost,” Osler said.

Police have not publicly named any suspects or announced any arrests.

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