Man who saw Kennywood shooting says fight started because of mistake

WEST MIFFLIN, Pa. — Don Orkosey was at Kennywood on Saturday night when he witnessed the shooting. He said one teen bumped into another teen by mistake, a punch was thrown, and gunshots followed.

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“I saw the boy who was on the ground with blood running down the sidewalk, and people were rushing to help at that point,” Orkosey said. “But the gentleman who was standing against the railing — he started hopping around on one foot and wincing. And one boy took off running towards the exit, and the other boy crumpled against the railing.”

The older gentleman is 39-year-old Brandon Ward, who was shot in the leg.

“I’ve been scared to look at it. My wife seen the hole in the front, and it’s all still bandaged up and everything,” Ward said.


Ward spoke exclusively with Channel 11. He said he was too weak to run and fell to the ground. However, he said the bullet went straight through and he didn’t need surgery.

“My daughter is scared, and I try to tell her, you know we just got to pay attention, and I mean, you can never prepare for anything like that,” Ward said.

Allegheny County police told Channel 11 that Kennywood has had issues with teens jumping the fence on Kennywood Boulevard. We saw several openings in the wall where someone could stick a gun through. Allegheny County police told Channel 11 that the openings are part of their investigation.

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