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Timeline of East Pittsburgh traffic stop, shooting death of 17-year-old

17-year-old Antwon Rose died after he was shot by police during a traffic stop in East Pittsburgh.

Here is a timeline of events:


Wednesday morning:

  • Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen Zappala walked through the timeline of events that lead to the deadly shooting of Antwon Rose and the evidence in the case during a news conference.

Here’s what we learned:

  • The person who shot the weapon in the North Braddock drive-by shooting was wearing a dark T-shirt. That person was identified as 17-year old Zaijuan Hester.
  • Zappala said no blood evidence was found the the Chevy Cruz that was pulled over in East Pittsburgh. 
  • Video from East Pittsburgh shows Rose did not have a gun when he exited the car during the traffic stop.
  • Rose died from a 9mm shot to the back that was fired by Officer Michael Rosfeld.
  • Zappala said Rose didn't do anything wrong other than being in the vehicle that was involved in the North Braddock shooting, and that itself did not make him party to the crime. 
  • Rose did not fire a gun on the night he was killed.
  • Evidence against Rosfeld supports third degree murder but Zappala said his office should be able to argue a charge of first degree murder.
  • While being interviewed by detectives, Rosfeld was remorseful.
  • The District Attorney's Office objected to Rosfeld being released on bond.
  • Zappala's office has Rosfeld's complete personnel file which gave him concern.
Officer charged:
  • Criminal homicide charges were filed against Michael Rosfeld, the officer who fatally shot 17-year-old Antwon Rose, Channel 11's Rick Earle confirmed.
  • He was arraigned by the judge and a preliminary hearing is scheduled for July 6, 2018, according to Rosfeld's attorney.
  • The criminal complaint against officer Rosfeld says Antwon Rose did not fire any shots in N. Braddock; was shot in face, back in E. Pittsburgh.
  • Rosfeld's attorney, Pat Thomassey, confirmed his client turned himself in early Wednesday morning.


Teen charged with attempted homicide:
  • Attempted homicide charges have been filed against Zaijuan Hester in the North Braddock shooting that happened shortly before Antwon Rose was shot in East Pittsburgh.
  • Hester, 17, was in the vehicle with Rose before both teens ran.

CLICK HERE to see the criminal docket.



6:10 p.m. Tuesday

4:40 p.m. Tuesday

  • Police are continuing to investigate a car driving through a group of protesters Friday night outside PNC Park. According to a news release, police have identified two victims; one hurt their ankle and the other their back. Police have a possible suspect and have the license plate of the vehicle.

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12:00 p.m. Tuesday

  • The Allegheny County Sheriff's Department confirmed the arrest of the second person seen running from the vehicle when Antwon Rose was killed. He was picked up by deputies Monday night in the Hill District, Rick Earle confirmed.

6:56 a.m. Tuesday

  • A three-hour protest took place in the city of Pittsburgh. The group, which included some of Rose's family members, gathered at Freedom Corner in the Hill District and marched through city streets, stopping traffic at two Grant Street intersections. Demonstrators held a rally in front of the district attorney's office. Later, they gathered in front of the City-County Building where they were joined by several local lawmakers.


4:15 a.m. Tuesday

  • Channel 11 News obtained a letter sent to Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen Zappala on behalf of the Black Political Empowerment Project. The letter asks that Zappala remove himself from the Antwon Rose case and allow the Pennsylvania Attorney General's office to take it on.



9 p.m. Monday

  • Antwon Rose's family attorney Lee Merritt's investigators have been busy looking into Officer Michael Rosfeld's background. "This officer is going to have a lot to answer for," Lee Merritt, Rose's family attorney, said. "He really had no business being on the force."

What we know about the officer Michael Rosfeld

1:29 p.m. Monday

  • Police in the city of Pittsburgh will begin working 12 hour shifts as the city braces for more possible protests following the shooting death of Antwan Rose. Channel 11's Rick Earle learned no new vacation or comp time will be approved right now either.

Police: 'Passionate but peaceful' protests expected to continue

11 a.m. Monday


4 p.m. Sunday


12:49 p.m. Saturday

  • The University of Pittsburgh issued a statement regarding Officer Michael Rosfeld's departure from the university police department.

The University of Pittsburgh is saddened by the tragic shooting death of Antwon Rose in East Pittsburgh. For the record: we are cooperating fully with the Allegheny County Police Department's ongoing investigation. We have turned over all information we have regarding Michael Rosfeld's time as a Pitt police officer.

We understand the public is also curious about Rosfeld's tenure at Pitt and we have seen increased speculation about the circumstances surrounding his departure – some of which may not be accurate.

We believe, however, that any substantive comment we might provide could interfere with investigators' work and impact the integrity of this ongoing investigation.  

Ultimately, we want nothing other than justice in this case, so we are refraining from commenting on further details regarding Rosfeld's departure at this time.


11:35 p.m. Friday

  • Several protests break out in Pittsburgh. Protesters flooded streets in the North Shore as the Pirates game let out, causing gridlock for cars and pedestrians alike. The Homestead Grays Bridge was closed between the ramps for the Waterfront and 8th Avenue.
  • Two people were injured when a car drove through the crowd. Police have not been able to capture the driver.

7:30 p.m. Friday

  • Allegheny Police Department released the following statement:

"The Allegheny County Police Department (ACPD) continues to receive inquiries related to reports from police sources that 1) a video of the drive-by shooting in North Braddock shows Antwon Rose firing a gun; and, 2) that gunshot residue has been found on Antwon Rose's hands.

"According to Lieutenant Andrew Schurman of the Allegheny County Police Department's Homicide Unit, both reports are false.  While ACPD does have a video showing the North Braddock incident, that video does NOT show Antwon Rose firing a gun. The information about gunshot residue is also false. Crime Lab reports are still pending and have not yet been issued.

"The District Attorney's office also concurs and affirms the information provided by Lt. Schurman.

"We caution the media about providing irresponsible information from sources that are not verified. Once published, such false information can be widely spread. We share your interest in providing answers to the many questions in our community, and are working expeditiously to gather all of the available information and detail so that it can be reviewed, and answers provided. We are not releasing additional information at this time to protect the integrity of the investigation, and ask for your cooperation and understanding of what we require as police to complete the independent investigation of this incident."

  • A small group of protesters are sitting on the floor outside Zappala's office inside the Allegheny County Courthouse.

2 a.m. Friday

  • The final protesters have cleared off the highway and tonight's march appears to be over. Channel 11 crews on the scene saw one person being handcuffed.

1 a.m. Friday

  • Police have asked protesters to clear off the highway, but have not made any attempt to restrain them or corral them off the road.

11 p.m. Thursday

  • Protesters tell Channel 11 that they are planning to work in shifts throughout the night

9:30 p.m. Thursday

  • Protesters have arrived at the Parkway East in Wilkinsburg and are currently blocking traffic in both directions. Police are on the scene as well, but have not interfered.

8 p.m. Thursday

  • A large crowd gathered in Forest Hills, causing some intersections to be closed. They are marching up Ardmore Boulevard toward the Parkway East. Demonstrators tell Channel 11's Mike Holden they have no plans to stop.

5:30 p.m. Thursday

  • The Allegheny County Police Department identified the officer who shot Rose as Michael Rosfeld. Rosfeld was sworn in as an officer with the department just an hour before the shooting, but had worked with other departments for several years prior.

5 p.m. Thursday

  • A statement has been released on behalf of the Borough of East Pittsburgh Mayor, Council and Police:

We are profoundly saddened by the death of Antwon Rose. This is a tragic loss for his family and friends as well as for our community as a whole. We offer our deepest sympathy and condolences to Mr. Rose's family and friends, the residents of East Pittsburgh and all those affected by this tragedy.

This is a very stressful time for our community. We are seeking truth and answers but the process takes time. We hope that everyone can respect this process. We will get through this together as a community.

We have confidence in the Allegheny County Police and District Attorney's Office and we will be transparent with any and all information that they need during the investigation.

At this time, we ask for the public to be patient and respectful of their fellow neighbors as the investigation continues to move forward.

4:55 p.m. Thursday

  • Sen. Bob Casey released a statement concerning Antwon Rose's death:

"I want to express my condolences to the family and friends of Antwon Rose. I grieve with them, and the communities of East Pittsburgh and the Woodland Hills School District. I am disturbed by what I saw on the video, and I have numerous questions about exactly what happened and why. A thorough investigation is necessary. Antwon's family has a right to answers."

4:30 p.m. Thursday

  • Esther L. Bush, president and CEO of the Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh, issued a statement concerning Antwon Rose's death:

"It is with great sadness and rather unfortunate that I need to address yet another senseless act of violence against a young African American man whose life was cut short. I can see no justification for someone being shot three times in the back when running away, clearly posing no immediate threat.

"We have learned that Antwon was a good student, taking AP courses and volunteering in his community. He had dreams and plans for his future that will never come to fruition. The Urban League extends its heartfelt sympathy and support to Antwon Rose's family and community. We extend our deepest condolences."

2:57 p.m. Thursday

  • State Attorney General Josh Shapiro issued a statement concerning Antwon Rose's death:

"The death of 17-year-old Antwon Rose is a tragedy. I hear the outrage of the people in East Pittsburgh. The case is being investigated by Allegheny County police and the Allegheny County District Attorney's Office. Under Pennsylvania law, I do not have jurisdiction to investigation this matter unless I receive a referral from District Attorney Zappala. The loss of any young life is deeply painful, and I expect local law enforcement to give this the thorough investigation it deserves."

2:15 p.m. Thursday

  • The Allegheny County Medical Examiner's Office ruled the manner of Antwon Rose's death as homicide.

1:54 p.m. Thursday

  • Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald issued a statement Thursday afternoon on the shooting death of Antown Rose:

"First off, I extend my sympathy to the family, friends, classmates, and neighbors of Antwon Rose. Our entire community is struggling with overwhelming anger and sorrow right now, and we all have questions.

"What you see on this video is disturbing. Antwon's family – and this entire community – deserve answers to their questions. There must be a thorough, swift and transparent review and investigation of his death. The county will provide any resources that we can to ensure justice and a fair investigation.

"Regardless of the outcome, we as a community need to find a way to come together. It won't be easy to re-establish trust and reunite our community, but we are strongest when we work together and as a community, we can heal together too."

12:34 p.m. Thursday

  • Mike Manko, a spokesperson for DA Zappala's office, released the following statement:

"District Attorney Zappala met this morning with Allegheny County Police Superintendent Coleman McDonough and Lt. Andy Schurman and received a detailed and thorough briefing on the officer involved shooting in East Pittsburgh that resulted in the death of Antwon Rose.  The investigation remains ongoing at this time.

Out of respect for the grieving process that the family and friends of Mr. Rose are going through and the upcoming Monday funeral for Mr. Rose, District Attorney Zappala will not have any further comment until next week."

11 p.m. Thursday

  • A rally was held in Downtown Pittsburgh calling on the Allegheny County District Attorney Stephan Zappala to file charges against the officer who shot and killed Antown Rose.  Leon Ford, the man paralyzed after being shot by Pittsburgh police during a traffic stop in 2012, addressed the crowd at the downtown rally.

9:45 a.m. Thursday

  • Lee Merritt, the attorney for Antwon Rose's family, is in Pittsburgh and spoke only to Channel 11 and NBC News Thursday morning:
  • Merritt said he wanted to start where the shooting took place as he searches for answers for the family.
  • "It makes it a little more real. It goes from something that you've seen on TV or seen in a video to a community where people live and knew and love Antwon. So, it makes it much more impactful," Merritt said.
  • He is searching for witnesses to get a better idea of what was taking place at the time of the shooting and determine what the officer might have seen as Antwon and another person ran from the traffic stop.
  • When asked about the video captured of the shooting, he said "it's not the end-all, be-all" and the "totality of the circumstances" will be taken into consideration.
  • However, Merritt did have this to say: "It's very difficult to find justification for the use of deadly force given the facts as they were presented in that video. Antwon and the other young man did not appear to present any harm or danger to that officer or anyone."
  • "It's difficult to refute a video that shows a young man clearly running in the opposite direction of an officer, not jerking backwards, not reaching toward his waistband or any of the other excuses that we've heard in the past that would justify use of force," Merritt said.
  • As for Antwon's family, Merritt said they are in a state of shock. "As you can imagine, they're devastated. Every day that they wake up, they're hoping that this is all a bad dream."

8:35 p.m. Wednesday:

  • Funeral arrangements announced for Antwon Rose. The funeral will be held Monday at 11 a.m.
  • The family's attorney, S. Lee Merritt, released a statement on their behalf:

"We thank the community for the generous outpouring of concern and support. The family is asking, however, that they be given space and time to mourn."

6 p.m. Wednesday

  • A protest is happening outside the East Pittsburgh police department where dozens of people are chanting for peace. Traffic is unable to get by as they have blocked the road. Several officers are standing nearby, monitoring what's happening.

5:30 p.m. Wednesday

  • The mayor of East Pittsburgh confirms to Channel 11 that the officer involved in the shooting Tuesday night was the one sworn in to their department hours before the shooting. He still has not been identified.

4:00 p.m. Wednesday

  • The family of Antwon Rose hires civil rights attorney Lee Merritt to represent them. Merritt has previously represented victims of violence in Charlottesville and several cases related to the Black Lives Matter movement.

1:10 p.m. Wednesday:

  • Pittsburgh Mayor William Peduto released the following statement regarding the deadly police shooting in East Pittsburgh:

"Any loss of life is tragic, and especially the loss of life of a child. This is a devastating situation and I am saddened for Antwon Rose and his family.

"While Tuesday's shooting was not within the city's official borders it impacts all of us in the Pittsburgh region, and particularly those in the African American community. In my reactions to the incident I should have acknowledged that these shootings affect all of us, no matter where we live, and for that I am sorry.

"Tuesday night I was receiving numerous calls and messages asking me to respond to the involvement of police in a shooting in East Pittsburgh borough, and at the time I was attempting to clarify for the national public that the City of Pittsburgh Bureau of Police, which I ultimately oversee, were not involved.

"This was never intended to be, nor should it be, the focus of news coverage. I answer people when they reach out to me seeking factual information, just as all elected officials should be expected to do."

12:49 p.m. Wednesday:

  • The 17-year-old was shot three times while running from police, Coleman McDonough, superintendent of the Allegheny County Police Department, said during a news conference Wednesday afternoon. McDonough said two guns were found in the car after the traffic stop, but the 17-year-old was not armed at the time of the shooting.
  • The driver of the vehicle was initially detained by police. He has since been released, police said.
  • A third person who was in the vehicle and fled has not been located.
  • The East Pittsburgh police officer involved in the shooting has not been named and is now on administrative leave.

11:30 a.m. Wednesday

  • Community sources tell Channel 11 News the 17-year-old killed was Antwon Rose. He attended Woodland Hills High School last year.

1:27 a.m. Wednesday

  • Authorities confirm the vehicle stopped on Grandview Avenue by East Pittsburgh police matched the description of one seen fleeing the North Braddock shooting scene. The 17-year-old and another person ran as an officer placed handcuffs on the driver. The 17-year-old was shot by the newly sworn-in officer and was pronounced dead at McKeesport Hospital.

1 a.m. Wednesday

  • Police confirm a 17-year-old was shot and killed during the traffic stop on Grandview Avenue. The driver was arrested. A third person got away.

10:58 p.m. Tuesday

  • Allegheny County Police confirm one of three people in the vehicle stopped on Grandview Avenue was shot and taken to a hospital.

9:44 p.m. Tuesday

  • Channel 11 News arrives at Grandview Avenue scene. Crew witnessed heavy police presence. Was told to move back a short time later.

8:48 p.m. Tuesday

  • Report that a vehicle possibly connected to the North Braddock shooting is stopped by police, including the newly sworn-in officer, on Grandview Avenue in East Pittsburgh. Shots reportedly fired.

8:20 p.m. Tuesday

  • Police are called to Kirkpatrick Avenue in North Braddock after receiving reports of shots fired. A 22-year-old man was found shot.

7 p.m. Tuesday

  • The East Pittsburgh Borough Council swears in a new part-time officer to the police force. The officer has seven years of experience in nearby communities.