• Protests continue over the death of Antwon Rose


    PITTSBURGH - UPDATE (8 p.m. Thursday):

    Many high-ranking Allegheny County officials have arrived at a demonstration in East Pittsburgh.

    We're there talking to demonstrators, for Channel 11 News at 11 p.m.

    Democratic Lieutenant Governor candidate John Fetterman, also the mayor of Braddock, could be seen talking to protesters.

    The superintendent of Allegheny County Police, Coleman McDonough, is there, along with Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto.

    UPDATE (5:15 p.m. Thursday):

    Protesters have gathered in East Pittsburgh for a demonstration. They are current;y blocking the Tri-Boro Expressway. Channel 11's Shelley Bortz is in the area and Chopper 11 is overhead monitoring the activity.

    UPDATE (10:45 p.m. Wednesday):

    Protesters have gathered outside East Pittsburgh police officer Michael Rosfeld's Verona home.

    UPDATE (8 p.m. Tuesday): Members of one organization have attended all of the protests.

    They told Channel 11 they will protest until Antwon’s family gets justice.

    Click here to watch a full report from Channel 11's Michele Newell. 

    UPDATE (4:40 p.m. Tuesday): Police are continuing to investigate a car driving through a group of protesters Friday night outside PNC Park.

    According to a news release, police have identified two victims: one hurt their ankle and the other their back.

    Police have a possible suspect and have the license plate of the vehicle.

    Police ask anyone who may have witnessed the incident or has information on the car to contact Zone 2 officers at (412) 255-2827.

    UPDATE (10:10 a.m. Tuesday): The protest has ended after about three hours.  Demonstrators were calling for justice in the death of Antwon Rose

    Demonstration has ended. Lasted about 3 hours. Started around 7. pic.twitter.com/vsJNxvBwKn

    — Mike Holden (@WPXIMikeHolden) June 26, 2018

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    UPDATE (9:49 a.m. Tuesday) Politicians taking turns at the podium addressing crowd protesting the death of Antwon Rose. 

    State rep Ed Gainey “We see what’s going on! There’s no rhyme or reason.....” @WPXI “today we are asking that charges be brought forward on the officer!” pic.twitter.com/E620JhOQCd

    — Mike Holden (@WPXIMikeHolden) June 26, 2018

    UPDATE (9:39 a.m. Tuesday) Pittsburgh City Council members addressing the crowd on steps City-County Building. Protesters are there calling on justice for the death of Antwon Rose. 

    Demonstration has taken political turn. Some city council members on hand. @WPXI pic.twitter.com/dAglPh8HPr

    — Mike Holden (@WPXIMikeHolden) June 26, 2018

    UPDATE: (9:23 a.m. Tuesday) Demonstrators have stopped on the steps of the Pittsburgh City-County Building to hold a press conference. 

    UPDATE (9:11 a.m. Tuesday) Demonstrators now marching down Wood Street carrying signs and chanting.

    UPDATE (8:51 a.m. Tuesday) Protesters are sitting in a circle in the name of Antwon Rose. 

    UPDATE (8:36 a.m. Tuesday) Protesters have shut down the intersection of Grant Street and Boulevard of the Allies in downtown Pittsburgh. 

    UPDATE (8:13 a.m. Tuesday) Protesters are calling for the Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen Zappala to be removed from the Antwon Rose case. 

    UPDATE (8:13 a.m. Tuesday) Protesters are calling for the Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen Zapalla to be removed from the Antwon Rose case. 

    UPDATE (8:01 a.m. Tuesday) Protesters have now reached downtown Pittsburgh and have shut down Grant Street. 

    UPDATE (7:46 a.m. Tuesday) Protesters are now marching through the Hill District.  The group is protesting the death of Antwon Rose. 

    UPDATE (6:56 a.m. Tuesday)  A group of people is gathering at Freedom Corner in the Hill District.  It's one of the rumored sites of protests planned today in the shooting death of Antwon Rose. 

    UPDATE (1:29 p.m. Monday)

    Police in the city of Pittsburgh will begin working 12 hour shifts as the city braces for more possible protests following the shooting death of Antwan Rose.

    Channel 11’s Rick Earle learned no new vacation or comp time will be approved right now either.

    >>>Family, friends saying goodbye to Antwon Rose

    UPDATE (9 p.m. Saturday) Protestors have gathered along East Carson Street on Pittsburgh's South Side.

    UPDATE (6:50 a.m. Saturday)

    Police tell Channel 11 that no one was hurt when the car drove through the crowd of protesters at PNC Park.  Police are searching for the driver.


    UPDATE (11:35 p.m. Friday) Protesters are flooding streets in the North Shore as the Pirates game lets out, causing gridlock for cars and pedestrians alike.

    UPDATE (10:38 p.m. Friday) The Homestead Grays Bridge has reopened.

    UPDATE (9:20 p.m. Friday) Protesters have shut down the Homestead Grays Bridge.

    UPDATE (9:15 p.m. Friday) Protesters have moved onto Route 28 from the North Shore and have currently shut that state road down.

    A separate group continues to demonstrate on the Homestead Grays Bridge near the Waterfront. Police are preventing them from moving into traffic.

    UPDATE (5:51 p.m. Friday) Protesters are in downtown Pittsburgh in the middle of Liberty Avenue. Traffic is currently blocked at Fifth Avenue.

    UPDATE (11:31 a.m. Friday) Protestors are leaving the Allegheny County Courthouse in silence without talking to District Attorney Stephen Zappala. 

    Breaking: protesters leave courthouse without talking to district attorney #wpxi pic.twitter.com/avPhkZviPE

    — Rick Earle (@WPXIRickEarle) June 22, 2018

    #Breaking! Protestors leave 3rd floor of courthouse in silence #wpxi pic.twitter.com/64r5zFhuI1

    — renee wallace (@WPXIrenee) June 22, 2018

    UPDATE (10:58 a.m. Friday)

    A small group of protesters are sitting on the floor outside District Attorney Stephen Zappala's office inside the Allegheny County Courthouse.

    #BREAKING Protestors outside DA ZAPPALAS office right now #wpxi pic.twitter.com/PiOIYTOSdZ

    — renee wallace (@WPXIrenee) June 22, 2018

    UPDATE (3 a.m. Friday)

    Traffic is flowing again in both directions of the Parkway East after protesters cleared the highway.

    UPDATE (2:45 a.m. Friday) 

    All protesters have been cleared from the Parkway East.

    Our crews saw at least one woman being arrested.

    UPDATE (2:15 a.m. Friday) 

    Officers are now moving in wearing riot gear.

    UPDATE (1:15 a.m. Friday) 

    Demonstrators have brought pizza onto the parkway. Many are still standing in the road.

    UPDATE (12:45 a.m. Friday) 

    Pennsylvania State Police have told protestors to clear the roadway by 1 a.m because the road will be re-opened.

    UPDATE (11 p.m. Thursday) 

    Protesters tell our crews that they are planning to work in shifts throughout the night.

    Channel 11 asked police if they will be intervening or stopping the demonstration, and there was not a clear answer.

    >>Photos: Protests over Antwon Rose's death spill onto Parkway East

    UPDATE (10 p.m. Thursday) 

    Police are asking drivers to avoid driving the Parkway East in the Forest Hills/Wilkinsburg area, as well as Ardmore Boulevard.

    UPDATE (9 p.m. Thursday) 

    Protesters have now spilled onto the Parkway East.

    Traffic has been forced to stop because people are in the road.

    Protestors have SHUT DOWN the parkway. #AntwonRose protest pic.twitter.com/xNIFaDJhqy

    — Mike Holden (@WPXIMikeHolden) June 22, 2018

    UPDATE (8 p.m. Thursday) 

    A large crowd has gathered in Forest Hills, causing some intersections to be closed.

    Police work to get motorcyclist out of the roadway and away from the crowd along Ardmore near Forest Hills. @WPXI #AntwonRose pic.twitter.com/79upvDfSHD

    — Mike Holden (@WPXIMikeHolden) June 21, 2018

    UPDATE (12:52 p.m. Thursday)

    Leon Ford, the man paralyzed after being shot by Pittsburgh police during a traffic stop in 2012, is addressing the crowd at the downtown rally. He's calling on the Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen Zapalla to file charges against the officer who shot and killed Antown Rose.  

    Ford also said that if Zapalla doesn't file charges in this case, he is asking for someone to run against Zapalla in the next election. 

    UPDATE (12:34 p.m. Thursday)

    Grant Street in front of the Allegheny County Courthouse downtown has been shut down by a large group of protesters.  

    The protesters are holding signs and calling on the Allegheny County District Attorney Stephan Zapalla to file charges against the officer who shot and killed Antown Rose. 

    Happening NOW! Approx 300 gather in front of Co Courthouse to protest police shooting of Rankin teen #wpxi pic.twitter.com/rns0MCuFsm

    — renee wallace (@WPXIrenee) June 21, 2018

    Mike Manko, a spokesperson for Zappala's office, released the following statement: 

    “District Attorney Zappala met this morning with Allegheny County Police Superintendent Coleman McDonough and Lt. Andy Schurman and received a detailed and thorough briefing on the officer involved shooting in East Pittsburgh that resulted in the death of Antwon Rose.  The investigation remains ongoing at this time.

    Out of respect for the grieving process that the family and friends of Mr. Rose are going through and the upcoming Monday funeral for Mr. Rose, District Attorney Zappala will not have any further comment until next week.”

    UPDATE (6:51 a.m. Thursday): A rally will be held at noon Thursday in front of the Allegheny County Courthouse in downtown Pittsburgh.

    Organizers are hoping to draw the attention of District Attorney Stephen Zappala.

    On Wednesday, Allegheny County Police Superintendent Coleman McDonough said it was very early in the investigation, and he cautioned everyone to not jump to conclusions until the investigation was complete.

    UPDATE (8 p.m. Wednesday): Even though it is raining, dozens of people are still standing on Electric Avenue in response to Antwon Rose's death.

    Many of them are chanting for justice.

    Our crew also saw police officers and protesters embracing.

    UPDATE (6 p.m. Wednesday): A protest is happening now outside the East Pittsburgh police station.

    UPDATE (11 p.m. Wednesday): Hundreds of protesters participated in a rally to show their anger over Rose's death.

    >>PHOTOS: Hundreds of people protest police shooting local teen

    They were not deterred by intense rain.

    The demonstration was tense at times, but otherwise peaceful.

    #AntwonRose #demonstrators stop traffic and sit in the middle of Electric Avenue as rain pours down in East #Pittsburgh. They’re demanding justice after the 17-year-old unarmed boy was shot and killed by an East Pittsburgh Police Officer. @WPXI pic.twitter.com/TCER95pEzz

    — Mike Holden (@WPXIMikeHolden) June 21, 2018



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