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11 Cares teams up with Violins of Hope to donate instruments to students in need

PITTSBURGH — 11 Cares and our partners are teaming up to help instruments get into the hands of students and schools in need.

We’re hosting an instrument collection at Channel 11 this Saturday with Violins of Hope.

“This is a very nice violin, still in really viable shape, so we’ll do some cleaning of that, fix that black string that is kinda dead, and that’s gonna go to a student in need, so very beautiful instrument,” said Brad Wittmer, the owner of Brighton Music Center.

The center is in the process of restoring donated instruments for a great cause, led by the non-profit Violins of Hope. 11 Cares is now teaming up with them.

This weekend, you can get involved.

“This Saturday is our third collection, we have been just overwhelmed with the generosity of Pittsburghers. They have dropped off in excess of 100 instruments, some of which have been sitting in their basements for 50, 60 years because they couldn’t bear to part with them until we gave them a darn good reason to do so,” explained Sandy Rosen with Violins of Hope.

The third instrument collection is at WPXI on Evergreen Road in Summer Hill this Saturday, Sept. 9 from 9 a.m. to noon.

If you have any string, woodwind or brass instruments to donate, we’ll take them, and eventually, they’ll get a new life with students in need.

“We are collecting these instruments specifically so that we can distribute them to students and youth across the city, some of whom may otherwise not be able to afford their own instruments and give them the opportunity to rejoice, to celebrate, to feel sad with these instruments, just as an extension of their souls,” Rosen said.

The instruments will be donated to local kids and schools in honor of World Kindness Day at a special concert with the Pittsburgh Youth Symphony Orchestra at Heinz Hall on Nov. 19, after Wittmer’s team makes sure they’re good as new.

“We try to really give the whole kit and caboodle, so if you’re getting a clarinet, you’re not just getting the instrument, you’re getting the mouth piece with the reeds, with the swab, the cork piece, so that student can go out and play, not have more expense out of pocket,” Wittmer said.

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