Amazon delivery driver accused of defecating in the street during route in Millvale

MILLVALE, Pa. — A Millvale homeowner claims that an Amazon delivery driver did the unthinkable right in front of his house.

Michael Gunde says he got a horrible package delivered right outside his house in Millvale.

“I smelled it and tasted it. I couldn’t get that taste out of my mouth for like two hours,” said Gunde.

The stench was still in the air when we went to interview Gunde and his family.

Gunde claims his Ring doorbell camera caught an Amazon delivery driver defecating in the street on Sunday afternoon.

“I pointed at him like a principal. I said, ‘You, keep coming up the hill. So he comes up the hill,” said Gunde.

“I was standing in another man’s fecal matter. Anybody would be angry,” he said

The video shows the Amazon driver pull up. Then he gets out of the truck and walks to the opposite side. He stays there for a few minutes, then slowly walks out and throws something in the trash.

The driver puts the truck in reverse and drives away.

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“It’s disgusting and it’s the foulest thing I ever smelled in my life. I do a lot of nasty things doing construction. That was the nastiest thing I’ve ever smelled,” he said.

Gunde tells Channel 11 that he went back to look at the cameras after his granddaughter tracked fecal matter into the car.

He says he watched the video and confronted the delivery driver, who was still dropping off packages in the neighborhood.

“I said you left your napkin with fecal matter in the middle of the street. He said ‘Buddy, I didn’t have a napkin.’ I said, ‘You left the evidence with your fecal matter on it, my man. Nobody else rode by and did that,’” he said.

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Gunde says he handed the driver a water hose to clean up the mess and that made things worse.

It spread to his shoes and the side of his truck.

“I called Amazon. I was on the phone with them for three hours and they gave me the runaround. They put me in loops for three hours,” he said.

Gunde tells Channel 11 he doesn’t want the driver fired, but he does want Amazon to clean his street and replace the items that are now ruined.

Channel 11 contacted Amazon. A company spokesperson says they are looking into the incident and need time to make a response.