Election preview: Beaver County District Attorney race

BEAVER COUNTY, Pa. — Beaver County District Attorney Dave Lozier is facing challenger Nate Bible as voters are set to determine who will be the chief law enforcement officer in just a few short months.

Channel 11′s Nicole Ford sat down with both candidates ahead of the race.

“It was really sold on me that Beaver County can be your client and as much as you love helping these people and the satisfaction you get out of that think of instead of your couple thousand clients think of the tens of thousands of Beaver County residents,” Bible said.

Bible, a New Brighton native, private attorney and part-time public defender is in the race as the democratic candidate for the next District Attorney of Beaver County.

“I think we’ve done a great job bringing mental health and drug treatment into the courthouse which we didn’t have before. We brought it into the jail some phenomenal treatment successes,” incumbent Dave Lozier said.

Lozier stands on his successes in bringing new technology to various law enforcement agencies that he believes will help prosecute more crimes.

As for the biggest issue facing county residents, these candidates can agree on juvenile crime.

“We are working really hard to try to develop alternatives to do secure housing for those juveniles who are committing crimes. It’s a serious issue and no one in law enforcement likes that’s happening,” Lozier said.

“So much of the gun violence is caused from illegal guns and what I mean is people who are illegally possessing them and that really is what I would like to clean up. I’ve had talks with officers about putting together a task force to kind of combat the streets, the gangs, the violent crimes that occur,” Bible said.

2024 brings a new year and voters are looking to these candidates to see what new ideas they will bring to the position.

“I think we do a better job with housing, drug treatment, transportation, jobs,” Lozier said. “The better we do the lower the recidivism rate and the better we can do to get them back into society.”

For Lozier, it’s ramping up the county’s reentry program for those coming out of jail, and Bible wants to dedicate resources to be tougher on crime.

“We could be going after violent offenders against children, against women, against the elderly. Financial crimes against the elderly which is something that very rarely if ever gets prosecuted in Beaver County,” Bible said.

In the end -- the votes at the polls or in the mail will determine the winner of this election.

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