A look at the changes coming to Pittsburgh Regional Transit bus routes in October

PITTSBURGH — Changes are coming to more than a dozen bus routes in Pittsburgh on Oct. 1.

“That is my main transportation,” said Airona Walker.

>>> Pittsburgh Regional Transit announces changes to several bus routes

Airona Walker rides the 71D. It takes her from Downtown to Oakland and then after classes back downtown.

“The app does do a good job with updating you on when the bus is coming, what time so I guess just planning, a lot of planning,” said Walker.

Pittsburgh Regional Transit adjusts bus schedules three times a year based on ridership and reliability. Most of this round of changes deals with the 61 and 71 routes.

Currently, eight buses go between the outer communities, Oakland, Uptown and Downtown. Half will be labeled “short” and will turn around at Robinson Street and Fifth. The other four will still run downtown, every four minutes during peak hours. PRT says this will help with congestion and delays and will also prepare for the construction of the University Line downtown this fall.

“I think a lot of the hesitations people have with taking public transit is like the amount of time it takes so I feel like anything that reduces the amount of time that it takes to get from Point A to Point B is good for people,” said Ian Pollack.

The University Line is the new name for the rapid transit system that’s going to be built for nearly $300 million.

“I like rapid,” said Walker. “That’s fast. That sounds pretty good to me.”

It will connect the city’s two largest business districts which are Downtown and Oakland. PRT says this corridor serves about 30,000 people a day.

“My thought is it will be inconvenient for a little bit, but hopefully it’s more convenient for more people in the future like after the project is over,” said Pollack.

PRT is hosting an online meeting for you to learn about the changes and ask questions on Sept. 12 at 5:30 p.m.

Click here for a closer look at all of the changes.

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