Neighbors concerned with amount of stray cats in Baden area

BADEN BOROUGH, Pa. — Stray cats are running wild in one Beaver County neighborhood. Channel 11 saw at least a dozen strays running around and hanging out on lawns on Kellinger Drive in Baden.

“They’re everywhere,” said one neighbor who didn’t want to be identified. “In the morning and at night, there will be a group of probably 12-15 cats at any one time.”

The felines were also seen darting out in front of cars.

“We have a really bad problem,” said Jaymie Kaylor, a neighbor.

They seem harmless but families in the neighborhood say the free-roaming cats are wreaking havoc on their quiet street.

“They leave a lot of fecal matter and urine in pretty much each yard,” Kaylor said. “Sometimes, you can even smell it just walking down the street.”

The cats are even keeping people up at night.

“At nighttime, you hear them fighting,” one neighbor said.

Kaylor agreed.

“All night you’ll hear them down in the woods screaming their heads off,” she said. “It’s so bad.”

Neighbors told Channel 11, the number of strays has doubled to about 20 or 30 in the last year. They say they keep coming around because one of the homeowners on the street keeps feeding them.

“He’ll come out, throw food for them. The plates, he doesn’t pick them up,” a neighbor said.

After dozens of complaints to the borough, its code enforcement officer posted a message on Facebook asking people to stop feeding the cats to keep the problem from getting worse.

One of the homeowners admitted to feeding the cats, but saw the Facebook message and promised to stop.

Families are hopeful, so they can once again enjoy the outdoors.

“She’s 1 year old,” said Brett Kaylor, who lives on Kellinger Drive. “I would like to bring her outside so we can have time outside, but there’s cat poop everywhere. It’s urine.”

Neighbors would like to see someone trap, neuter and release the stray cats.

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