Residents concerned after they say they found dead dogs left in garbage in Allegheny County

WILKINSBURG, Pa. — Neighbors in Wilkinsburg and in the City of Pittsburgh are concerned after they say they’ve found two dead dogs left among garbage in their neighborhoods this year.

A man, who did not want to be identified, made the latest disturbing discovery on his way to work in the morning of Friday, July 5.

“It was like wrapped in a bag, like suspicious looking,” the man said. “It was just covered like someone was trying to be in a hurry or cover it. There were just flies everywhere.”

He said he was in an Uber driving down Fahnestock Way in Wilkinsburg when he noticed all the flies around a garbage bag that was dumped in the alley.

“It just caught my eye immediately,” he said. “I just looked out and it was sitting around this area. It was crazy. It resembled a body so much. That’s how concerned I was.”

He quickly called his mother who realized it was a dead dog.

“It smelled like decay, a lot of decay, and it had the whole street stinking,” his mother said, who also didn’t want her name used. “I was in shock.”

This isn’t the first pitbull found mixed in with trash in the area.

A few months earlier and just one street over on Maplewood Avenue in Pittsburgh’s East Hills neighborhood, the family found another pitbull.

The mom said her other son was working when he saw a dead dog in a trash bag in the back of his garbage truck. He took a picture of it and notified his supervisors.

“Somebody threw another dog in the back of his truck while he was picking up garbage on the street,” the mom said. “It’s an all the time problem with illegal dumping up around this neighborhood.”

She believes the two gruesome discoveries are connected.

“There are people that got dogs around here, they’re fighting the dogs and when the dogs lose, then they kill the dogs and then they throw them out to be trash,” the woman said.

Channel 11 News reached out to both the City of Pittsburgh and Wilkinsburg police departments. The lieutenant with the Wilkinsburg Fire Department told us he’s looking into what happened in the alley.

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