Washington County Controller accused of violating bond on animal abuse charge

WASHINGTON, Pa. — A judge revoked the Washington County Controller’s bond on animal cruelty charges Wednesday. April Sloane was taken to jail, after violating her bond condition and living with a cat at her boyfriend’s home. Sloane is accused of starving her dog to death last December and is awaiting trial.

>> Washington County Controller admits dog died due to poor care, search warrant says

Washington County Commissioners announced today that effective immediately the deputy controller would take over Sloane’s duties. This after they’ve asked Sloane to step down and she’s refused.

“Our hands have been tied. Only the Governor can impeach an elected official in Pennsylvania, and only after articles are started in the state house,” said Commissioner Nick Sherman.

“As of right now, the deputy controller has the office. She’s worked for the county for 21 years. It’s in very capable hands. We have to make sure the county runs. This is a big office, this is all the bills, all the finances, we have to make sure the bills are paid.”

It’s not clear what will happen next as Sloane posted her bond a few hours later. Sherman said citizens continue to call their office demanding change, but it can only happen through the governor.

“We’ve been frustrated this entire time. I understand the citizens have been reaching out and asking us to remove her from office, unfortunately, we don’t have the authority to do that.”

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