Pitt student attacked, badly beaten in Oakland

PITTSBURGH — A Pitt student was attacked in the middle of a busy street on Saturday.

The student was walking along Atwood Street in Oakland looking for a late-night bite when police said he was attacked and beaten so badly he could barely remember what happened.

If you’ve ever visited the University of Pittsburgh’s campus, you’ve likely been on Atwood Street. It’s a busy corridor both day and night.

“Especially at night in this area, cars will hang out and they don’t have a problem asking you to come over and talk to them,” said University of Pittsburgh student Jacob Goldstein.

That’s what the student who was attacked early Saturday morning told police happened to him.

According to officers, the victim was going to grab a bite to eat at Pizza Romano.

The grab-and-go restaurant stays open on the weekends until about 4 a.m. The student was alone and told officers that eight kids came up to him and told him to walk with them. When he refused, that’s when he said they attacked. Officers said he was hit in the head so hard he fell to the ground with a bloody nose.

We spoke with students who live and go to school in Oakland to see if violent incidents like this one worry them.

“We have to be super cautious because you never know when it could be you,” said student Shanele Tamulevicius.

Sophomore Shanele and senior Giavanna both attend the University of Pittsburgh; we asked them what would make them feel safer on campus.

“I would definitely say more cops driving around and maybe being on the streets,” said Shanele Tamulevicius.

“I always like to call my mom or call my friend to talk to them until I get home,” said Giavanna Gulino.

While some students think more police will help, others had mixed feelings and said that it is up to students to be aware of their surroundings.

“Walk in pairs stay safe. Stranger danger: don’t trust the people you meet on the street, and I think we can all be a little bit more safe,” said Pitt student Nate Souders.

The student who was attacked was able to get back to his dorm to call his family and the police. Pittsburgh police are investigating.

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